Our Short Story:

What do you get when you marry a wedding photographer and an online marketing expert? A marketing service that’s designed for the love of watching photographers succeed.

After moving into a new market and coming to the realization that all our previous bookings were mainly a result of word-of-mouth referrals, we decided to tap into Wade’s SEO & Online Marketing skills to bring attention to our photography business. The plan worked. We were fully booked in our new location our first year.

Then an interesting thing happened. Our wedding photographer friends started calling, asking how we were getting our site to the top of the first page on Google. “Mojo,” Alina said and winked. Somehow it stuck.

On holiday at the coast, Wade was eager to make a career move into an industry that was more inline with his passions. It was there  among the phosphorescent jellyfish that FolioMojo was born.

Experts in SEO, Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email, & Google Analytics.
Workshops, Consultations, Implementation, and Management.

Who is FolioMojo?


WADE HOLLOWAYFolioMojo Founder/CEO, internet marketer, SEM, SEO, photographer, dad, avid skier, urban gardener, music lover, foodie, and geek. Learn more.


ALINA PRAX : FolioMojo Spokesperson and Lab Rat, La Dolce Vita Photography owner, wedding photographer, writer, yogi, environmental advocate, and wannabe trapeze artist. Learn more.