What some of our clients are saying:

Dustin Meyer of Dustin Meyer Photography


I just received my latest charge from Google Adwords, and I wanted to thank you. They charged me about half of what I was spending before I had your help. [Managing Adwords campaign] you’re doing it very well. I can’t thank you enough!
dustin meyer photography, www.dustinmeyer.com

When Dustin came to us I could tell that he was a perfect candidate for our services. Dustin realized the power of Search to drive brand awareness and sales. We helped Dustin by creating a customized Adwords account that targets people searching for wedding photographers in his area.
We helped Dustin to refocus and fine-tune what he was already doing with search, which lead to a 50% reduction in ad spend per month.
We also took the burden of managing his online campaign. With this extra time, Dustin is focused on higher-level aspects of his business.

Suzi Q of QWeddings

suzi-Q-weddingsRelocating to a new city meant having to build a new client base.  How would anyone even know about my quirky and fun wedding photography?  I was thrilled to find FolioMojo’s SEO services.  I’m building more client leads since I’ve been showing up in the searches and I know it’s because of FolioMojo.
–Suzi Q
Q Weddings, www.Qweddings.com

We helped Suzi optimize her site and blog for search engines and created an Adwords account that generates more targeted traffic to her website. We were able to double the traffic to her site and raise her search engine ranking for a selection of her targeted keywords. Leads/mo increased by 50% and Suzi booked a cool destination wedding in Poland with a rockin’ couple, which complement her mid-century modern style aesthetic.

Jennifer Lindberg of Beaubaby

Jenn-Lindberg-PhotographyFolioMojo has been instrumental in helping us to reach our target market. As a wedding photographer branching into a new market, Children’s photography, we needed Foliomojo’s help to attract new clients who were a good fit for our services. Our top new clients are finding us through search, thanks to Folimojo, and our name has moved up dramatically on google! This is the best marketing money we have spent since our launch!
-Jennifer Lindberg
Beaubaby, www.beaubaby.com

Here is what some of my new friends had to say about the SEO & Social Media presentation:

Kristin Greenlee

I’m so grateful to Wade for taking some time to visit with my Dallas Pictage User Group. We all know that there are so many nuances to the art of successful SEO and online marketing; Wade really knows his stuff. He’s great at teaching you some key concepts in language that isn’t too ”techie.”

– Kristin Greenlee, Dallas PUG Leader, Kristin Greenlee Photography

Jenna Palomina Ficklezeal Photography

With the ever evolving social medias and internet traffic, as well as where business is headed it’s extremely valuable to have a “guru” willingly provide useful and practical steps to take in improving SEO immediately. Went into your presentation clueless, left feeling confident and motivated to take action… and to call you! Thank you for your time and knowledge!

-Jenna Palomino, Ficklezeal Photography

I enjoyed Wade’s presentation on SEO. He was extremely generous in giving some of his secrets that help get his clients to the top of Google searches. He was very open to any questions the group had and just a super nice guy in general. I hope he offers an advance SEO workshop in the near future!

– Ronni Haslett, Bella Bee Photography

Wade Holloway is dynamite! Information and ideas popped like popcorn. The class speed was gentle enough that I had time to understand and make my notes. I’ve got a new direction to take my website. Nobody needs experts who can only communicate 50-dollar words. Wade made it easy to digest!

– Jim Rode, Jim Rode Photographer

Just what I needed to move forward! Wade was a trustworthy source of helpful tips and practical suggestions for everyone who attended.

– Cynthia Burtch, Cynthia Burtch Photography

Wade provided invaluable information that I put into action after attending his meeting. There were simple things about SEO I had never thought about, and were simple to enact on my own.

– Brian Bacher, bdb photography

I went home and changed my title tags for my website right away after the talk. There were several things mention that could be fixed in minutes on my web site control panel. Now I am ready to see my search engine results improve!

– Tracy Autem, Tracy Autem Photography

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