Pictage PartnerCon – NOLA

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The 2009 Pictage PartnerCon will be in New Orleans, LA November 3-5th this year, and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you haven’t signed up yet, stop what you’re doing right now… seriously, and head over here to get signed up. You know you want to be in New Orleans next week, so what are you waiting for? Besides… If you email me before this Friday, I have an extra room reserved.

The conference will be hosted at the historic Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, in the French Quarter.


(888) 696-4806
Click here for online reservations

Be Inspired — All-new sessions from:

Joe BuissinkJoe
Me Ra KohMe Ra
Denis ReggieDenis
Kevin KubotaKevin
Dane SandersDane
Gary FongGary
Mike ColónMike
Carlos BaezCarlos
Jeff & Erin YoungrenJeff & Erin
Frederick Van JohnsonFrederick
Van Johnson
Liana LehmanLiana
Roberto ValenzuelaRoberto


Jason Aten • Jared Bauman • Scarlett Lillian • Will Jacks • Amber Holritz • Justin & Mary Marantz • Jenn Lindberg • Steve DePino • Kevin Meyers Grant OakesJared Platt • Michael Kress & Jamie Karlin • Skip Cohen • Melissa Jill • Jay Goldman • Mark Zucker • Shari Zellers

You can see the full schedule here: Pictage PartnerCon NOLA Schedule

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Austin PUG | SEO & Social Media for Photographers Talk

October 9, 2009 1 comment

SEO & Social Media for Photographers Talk

SEO & Social Media for Photographers Talk

Wow! I had a great time at the Austin PUG this week, but what a week it was.
I arrived home after a long night talking SEO and Social Media at the Austin PUG only to pack for my trip to speak at the Raleigh North Carolina PUG the next day. It was worth it though. The Austin crowd was very receptive and I had a great time talking with everyone. We had quite a turnout. Since this is the Pictage User Group that I go to on a regular basis, I knew most of the people that were there, but there were some new faces. I must say, the Austin folks are a savvy bunch and we wound up having an extended interactive session where ideas were bounced around.

Eric Hegwer gave a studio spotlight before I spoke and talked about his beginnings as a professional photographer. Eric moved to Austin from Silicon Valley where he was a biochemist during the day while shooting and assisting pro wedding photographers in the Bay Area on the weekends. I thought it was especially interesting that Eric now shoots mostly film with his trusty Leica M kit.

A special thanks to  SuziQ, (a.k.a. The Q) of Qweddings for being such a rock star PUG leader & den mother, and for her general awesomeness.

Here are some of the great comments I received after the SEO talk:

The material covered was essential for working professionals and crucial for optimization. The information was delivered in a language I could understand. I would seriously consider taking an advanced workshop.

Francis Cruzada

I can’t thank you enough for being of service to the group by sharing so much of your (surely hard-earned) experience. Your wheels to the ground  introduction (for those of us that have been aware but foreign) to these fundamentals of success in this web based business world was empowering to say the least. I feel confident that I’m catching up to what is certain to only increase as the future of doing business for companies small and large.

Denise Prince

Thank you for the incredible information you shared with us at last nights PUG meeting. I rushed home and passed on the information to my friends, and I am excited to get started. I will be using foliomojo FOR SURE!

Ginny Belofsky

Wade is the master of SEO! I wish that I’d known two years ago what I know now because it’s not about what you know, it’s about when you know it. YES WE CAN

Edward Pierce

Everything we learned in this presentation was extremely helpful. I was unaware of how many fine details come into play in terms of ranking. I definitely look forward to learning more about how I can better prepare my site and marketing for the placement I aspire to reach. Thanks Wade, you are awesome!

Joe Anna Hayden

At first I was skeptical that I’d learn anything from Wade’s workshop – I’ve got a good search ranking for a lot of different keywords and I pop up pretty high on most searches.  But everything I’ve learned has been through alternative sources – websites, blogs, and podcasts.  Never before had I heard the techniques from anyone in person.  Wade reassured me that the steps I was doing were the correct things to do, and even gave me some tips on things not to do.  Thanks!

Eric Hegwer

Go hear to read about the Dallas Pictage Users Group SEO Talk.

Dallas PUG | SEO and Social Media for Photographers

September 15, 2009 1 comment

Free talk on SEO and Social Media for Pro Photographers


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at the Dallas Fort Worth Pictage Users’ Group (PUG) last week about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media for Wedding and Portrait Photographers. I truly had an amazing time talking, teaching, listening to, and meeting everyone at the Dallas PUG. I felt right at home with this group. Also, I came away with a much richer understanding of the issues, problems, and understanding of this fine bunch of photographers. I hope to carry what I learned from this meeting forward in my approach to helping other photographers master SEO and Social Media.

This week I will be speaking to two more groups, one here in Austin, and another in North Carolina. We also added Boston to the mix!

Hope to see you soon.

Location: Dallas, Texas PUG

Jaws drop as Google SEO secrets are revealed!

Here is what some of my new friends had to say:

Kristin Greenlee

I’m so grateful to Wade for taking some time to visit with my Dallas Pictage User Group. We all know that there are so many nuances to the art of successful SEO and online marketing; Wade really knows his stuff. He’s great at teaching you some key concepts in language that isn’t too “techie.”

– Kristin Greenlee, Dallas PUG Leader, Kristin Greenlee Photography

Jenna Palomina Ficklezeal Photography

With the ever evolving social medias and internet traffic, as well as where business is headed it’s extremely valuable to have a “guru” willingly provide useful and practical steps to take in improving SEO immediately. Went into your presentation clueless, left feeling confident and motivated to take action… and to call you! Thank you for your time and knowledge!

-Jenna Palomino, Ficklezeal Photography

I enjoyed Wade’s presentation on SEO. He was extremely generous in giving some of his secrets that help get his clients to the top of Google searches. He was very open to any questions the group had and just a super nice guy in general. I hope he offers an advance SEO workshop in the near future!

– Ronni Haslett, Bella Bee Photography

Wade Holloway is dynamite! Information and ideas popped like popcorn. The class speed was gentle enough that I had time to understand and make my notes. I’ve got a new direction to take my website. Nobody needs experts who can only communicate 50-dollar words. Wade made it easy to digest!

– Jim Rode, Jim Rode Photographer

Just what I needed to move forward! Wade was a trustworthy source of helpful tips and practical suggestions for everyone who attended.

– Cynthia Burtch, Cynthia Burtch Photography

Wade provided invaluable information that I put into action after attending his meeting. There were simple things about SEO I had never thought about, and were simple to enact on my own.

– Brian Bacher, bdb photography

I went home and changed my title tags for my website right away after the talk. There were several things mention that could be fixed in minutes on my web site control panel. Now I am ready to see my search engine results improve!

– Tracy Autem, Tracy Autem Photography

SEO and Social Media PhotographersAbout the Talk:

We talked about Search Engine Optimization & Social Media for professional photographers and studios. I outlined the foundations of Search Engine Optimization for photographers, then moved on to a lively Q & A session that could have easily gone on into the night. The goal was to demystify SEO and give a foundation. In addition, I gave exercises, got them started optimizing their own sites, and thinking about a social media strategy.

Attendees’ walked away with things that will make an immediate difference to their online presence and hopefully their pocketbooks.

About the speaker:

WADE HOLLOWAY : FolioMojo founder, internet marketer, SEM, SEO, photographer, dad, extreme skier, urban gardener, music lover…

Upcoming SEO Talk dates (non-Pictage members welcome):

  • Austin, TX Sept. 16
  • Raleigh, NC Sept. 17
  • San Francisco, CA Sept. 23
  • Portland, Maine Sept. 29
  • Boston, MA Oct. 6
  • Orlando, FL Oct. 20
  • Long Beach, CA Oct. 28

Coming to a city near you Sept. – Oct. 2009. Other dates and cities TBA.

Go to our Contact Page to email us for a location near you. Be sure to tell me what city and state you are in.

About the Dallas PUG Leader:

Kristin Greenlee Photography

Kristin studied photography formally at the University of North Texas earning her bachelors degree in Fine Arts, but continues to focus on furthering her own education, staying on the cutting edge of photographic processes and artistry, while teaching others what she’s learned. Kristin believes that “if photographers will treat one another like colleagues: teaching, helping, and supporting one another, everyone’s business will be successful and the industry as a whole will be elevated.”

She describes her photography style as striving to capture evocative heart-felt images with honesty. She works hard to create a balance between what her clients both need (documentary) and want (artistry) in their imagery. (from Pictage User Group website)

Kristin will be speaking at PartnerCon in New Orleans Wednesday, November 4, 2:10pm – 3:10pm, in the Photographers’ Lounge.

Here is a snippet about her talk:

Making the Most of the Mistakes You Make While Preparing to Make Fewer!

We all make mistakes, but few of us really admit them fully and take an honest look at how we contributed to them. In this session I’ll discuss our worst photographer fears realized: Zillas, difficult requests, major and minor mishaps, and the best ways to handle them. I’ll also unveil great ideas for educating and preparing your clients to prevent miscommunications and create a better understanding of expectations. I’ll walk attendees through my best time-saving ideas for creating optimal circumstances for shooting and forming a tight bond of trust with your clients.

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