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June 16, 2009 4 comments

twitter follow me badgeTwitter is all the buzz lately, as I’m sure you’re well aware. Twitter can be used to great effect in building your business, if you have a strategy and know some basics about how to operate. This post seeks to give the basic tools for a simple Twitter strategy. Enjoy!

Twitter Etiquette

  • Be genuine – Be yourself, and tweet yourself.
  • Don’t SPAM – No one enjoys your [nameless] pharma sales pitch!
  • Add value – Ask if your Tweet will add value to the community before posting.
  • Skip the auto DM, you don’t need it and it just fills up my inbox.

Design and Branding

  • Profile design – Use a design that is consistent with your personality or business.
  • Photo of you –  This personalizes and humanizes. People like to see another person communicating with them, rather than an automated tool or a faceless voice.
  • Links – Place a link to your website or blog on the profile. Then go further and add a link to your Linkedin page, Facebook, etc. on the image background.
  • Contact info – It might be a good idea to include other ways people can contact you including other social networking sites.

Listen, Engage, Interact, and Communicate
This is a conversation community. That means two-way communication. You’ll find so many people that simply use Twitter as another ‘Push’ marketing channel where they post about themselves without regard.

  • Monitor your brand – In some cases it might be useful for you to do searches for your name and brand name to see if anyone it tweeting about you. You can use the search function at
  • Monitor your friends questions – This goes right back to being useful. If one of your friends has a question that you might be able to answer, why not help them out?
  • Connect with customers – Satisfied customers tell 3 people, unsatisfied customers tell 3,000.
  • Poll your followers – Use a service like Twtoll and share the results with your followers.

Develop relationships with your customers, friends and colleagues, and most of all, follow me here @foliomojo,!

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