Three Tips For Rank Improvement : Wedding Photography Site Optimization

July 19, 2008 No comments yet

I. Blog More

Blogging, despite being the bane of some peoples’ existence, actually can help your search engine ranking. It adds relevant content on a regular basis. Google likes sites which update frequently with relevant content. It also helps you to rank for so-called ‘long-tail keywords’. Long-tail keywords are phrases such as ‘bridal photographer in Detroit who takes pictures of cars’.

If you take pictures of your brides on American built cars and you blog about it, you might just be found.

II. Rename your images relevant names

Use concise terms to name your images. For example, if you took a bridal at Green Acres, then name your image ‘bridal-green-acres.jpg’. simple.

You’ll also want to give images alt tags. Insert a little more wordy description into the alt tag. When you’re coming up with a description for the alt tag, using your keywords try to describe the photo as if you were trying to describe it to a blind person. Remember, search engines don’t see.

III. Get links

Think about who you know, write it down, ask if the link would give you quality targeted traffic. Strategize on how to acquire it. Pitch. If it could be of value to their audience, you might just have a link.

Link building is tough, and Google knows it. That’s why they rely upon it so much in determining your search engine rank.

Quality: Most of the sites who give free links indiscriminately usually don’t count for much in Google’s eyes, paid links can be dangerous, and two-way reciprocal links don’t work like they used to. Link building is no easy task and so approach it with care and you will receive high quality links.

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